Antacid Medicines Manufacturer and Supplier

Antacid Medicines Manufacturer and Supplier – Top Pharma Manufacturing Company in India’ SwisscheM Healthcare brings you quality Gastrointestinal agents i.e. antacids drug medicines/ products range. These drugs help in neutralize acid in the stomach. Our company is a proud ISO, GMP & WHO certified company that is a proud antacid medicines manufacturer and supplier in India. Our company produces a wide range of drug for gastric issues or stomach acidity in dosage forms like liquid syrups, oral suspension, capsules, tablets, powders etc. We have tried to cover almost all types of antacids in our products list.

The antacids medicines have a great market in India. The older population is increasing and people are investing more in this range to cure and treat gastric issues. The bad eating habits and lifestyle has made digestion vulnerable to high acidity which is not good for you. If you are a pharma company then this range is immensely popular. SwisscheM Healthcare is India’s best antacid medicines manufacturer and supplier. We have proton pump inhibitor, acid neutralizer, H2 antagonist etc that are very effective in providing pH neutral to stomach acidity.

Antacid Medicines Manufacturer and Supplier

SwisscheM Healthcare has a good combination of best infrastructure, skilled human capital, latest machines, best packaging techniques etc. You will rejoice a good outsourcing deal here.  Call us right away at +91-8437526778, 0172-4647766 and talk to our representative about it.

The Growing Market of Antacid Drugs

Antacids are a drug class as known to be Gastrointestinal Agents. They help neutralizes stomach acidity. These help cure issues like relieve heartburn, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD also called acid reflux), indigestion (or dyspepsia) or an upset stomach. The demand for antacids has grown in few years. One of the many factors is unhealthy eating habits, increasing eating disorders and unhealthy lifestyle. India has the spiciest food which contributes to acidity in the stomach. With the ageing population at rising, one can see stomach acidity a rising concern.

The global antacids drug market is said to be worth USD 18.7 billion by 2025. This can be seen with a growth of 3.7 percent worldwide. In India, it is more than 1000 crore segment which is rising at 21 percent. If you see the growth in the Indian market of brands like Abbott’s Digene, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare’s Eno, Pfizer’s Gelusil, and Dabur’s Pudin Hara then you can see the growing demand for anti-acid drugs in India. The opportunities are wide and one can easily own a good business here.

Why Should Pharma Companies Invest in Pharma Manufacturing for Antacids?

Pharma companies should invest in antacids market segment. The demand for these medicines is increasing over the years. More people are investing here to get good results. If you someone who deals in pharmaceuticals drugs for marketing and sales purpose then manufacturing is a good way of attracting better deals and profits in the market. Manufacturing helps you save on capital more often. You do not need to go through the hassle of quality affairs and assembling. The manufacturing company is competent to do it and provides you with quality range at a most economical price. Thus, going for an outsourcing service is a good option.

Leading Antacids Drug Manufacturing Company in India’ SwisscheM Healthcare

We are an ISO certified company that engages itself in quality manufacturing services to companies across India. Our company has good demand for antacid drugs covering acidity tablets, antacid syrup & powder when it comes to manufacturing. Our units are spacious and have the capacity to produce millions of units in a month. We bring home drug like Acid Neutralizers, Proton Pump Inhibitor, and H2 Antagonist to neutralize the excess stomach acid. They are developed under the direct guidance of experts.

  • You will get your order within time as we have multiple sources of distribution within our connection.
  • The rates are genuine and reasonable if compared to other manufacturing companies.
  • We use ethical ways and we aim at maintaining a high quality of your medicines and products. No compromise will be made and service will be done with dedication and professionalism.
  • You will enjoy DCGI approved drugs list.

Contact us now to get the antacids list of drugs that we offer for manufacturing!

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