Anti Allergic Manufacturer And Supplier – SwisscheM Healthcare is an ISO certified top pharma company in India. We are amongst the best anti-allergy manufacturer and supplier in India. Our company manufactures a wide range of DCGI approved allergy medicines and drugs range. If you are looking for third party pharma manufacturing or contract manufacturing of allergy medicines in India then SwisscheM healthcare is the best.

Pharma manufacturing is the best way to expand your business presence. Associating with a reputed pharma company like SwisscheM Healthcare helps you garner better profits in terms of outsourcing and supplying in any part of India. Quality allergy medicines and drug formulation can be found with us. We are, undoubtedly the best anti-allergic manufacturer and supplier in India. Our list of allergy medicines consists of tablets, softgels, creams, ointments, powders, lotions, capsules, drops etc. The self-owned units in tax holiday destination help make our range affordable.

Third-Party Manufacturing


Book your orders in bulk or prescribed at SwisscheM Healthcare! Call us at +91 – 8437837771 to talk to our representatives. Our company assures you great deals of contract and third party pharma manufacturing. Email us at or leave a text in our contact inquiry form for our representative to contact you.

Leading Anti Allergic Medicine Supplier & Manufacturing & Company in India | SwisscheM Healthcare

Based in the beautiful city of SwisscheM Healthcare, our company provides genuine dealerships of anti-allergic medicines and drugs range manufacturing and supplying PAN India. We are a certified ISO Pharma Company who has self-owned manufacturing units. Quality outsourcing facilities are provided to all the people. You can rely on our skilled and experienced team of experts and pharmacists. They help us in better research and developments of allergy drug medicines.

Allergy medicines have good demand in India. The medicines outsourced at SwisscheM Healthcare are made with an assurance that you get the maximum benefits and efficacy out of each unit of medicines. The composition of allergy medicines is kept highly accurate to increase the durability, efficiency and safety. The state of art manufacturing facilities serves as the backbone to better services in the market. You can trust in our ethical and professional approach for better services of pharma manufacturing of anti-allergy medicines and drugs range in India.

About – Anti Allergic Drugs Market in India

Anti-allergic is drugs or medicines used for treating, preventing or curing allergies. Allergy can be chronic or acute in nature. Millions of people are affected by chronic allergy in some or the other ways. Children and infants are also facing it. The number of cases has increased over time like asthma, rhinitis etc. This has led to increasing demand for anti-allergic drugs.

The drug market of allergic drugs was $ 35.3 billion as in 2015. Growing at a compound rate of 5.8 percent, the drug market is a profitable business segment for all those who want a good business in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharma manufacturing helps you enhance your product catalogue and offer you quality offers and other benefits.

Anti Allergic Pharma Formulations Provided For Manufacturing At SwisscheM Healthcare

Excellent quality allergy drugs and medicines range are offered by SwisscheM Healthcare! Our manufactures, supplies and markets a good range of allergy drugs. We offer DCGI approved drugs to our clients. We always make sure that the quality, safety and efficacy of each drug has been maintained highly by us. Pure extracts and ingredients are used while making any drug dosage. Our units have the capacity to provide huge output. Thus, we accept bulk and huge assignments also. The price is genuine and affordable.

Here take a look at the allergy medicines drug dosage forms:

  1. Tablets/ capsules/ softgels
  2. Gels
  3. Lotions
  4. Creams
  5. Powders
  6. Drops
  7. Liquids formulations and suspensions etc.

Our company makes available quality packaging techniques and technology like ALU ALU, blister packaging etc. Hygienic containers are used while making any drug formulations. The whole process is computerised in each and every level of processing to keep a close monitor on the working. We have hired skilled and experienced personnel for this purpose. To know more about our pharma manufacturing services in India, then contact us now for more.

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