Derma Products Manufacturer – Swisschem Healthcare is an esteemed dermatology drug/ product manufacturer in India. Our company is an ISO certified Chandigarh-based Pharma Manufacturing Company. We provide genuine and affordable opportunities of third party pharma manufacturing for dermatological products.  

Derma care products have a huge market in India. India has the largest skin care market in the world. It is growing rapidly. Quality is the driving force to meet the rising demand. Swisschem Healthcare is the best derma products /medicines manufacturer in India. We provide the highest quality manufacturing facilities for dermatology drugs and products. Our company owns quality manufacturing units in excise duty-free zones. The units are certified by GMP and WHO. Our 3rd party pharma manufacturing for dermatology products are genuine in all terms.

Derma Products Manufacturer

SwisscheM Healthcare provides a customized solution for all kinds of derma product manufacturing solution. Our company has covered dermatology products like creams, oils, face wash, shampoos, lotions, powders etc. You can call or drop a message to know more about our services of third party pharma manufacturing for dermatological products in India. We assure you the best customer experience! Provide the third pharma manufacturing services for Derma range products. For more details call us at +91-8437526778 or email at

Leading Dermatology Drug Manufacturer in India | SwisscheM Healthcare

SwisscheM Healthcare is an esteemed pharma manufacturing company in India. We offer a quality solution for a wide range of pharma formulations. Our company has been immensely appreciated for quality derma range. We are amongst the best derma product manufacturers in India. Our pharma manufacturing solutions are affordable and qualitative. We have always made sure that you get the best in the market. Here are the features of our company:

  • The whole manufacturing takes place under GMP and WHO compliance. The unit is set up in excise duty-free zones of India.
  • Our units have the capacity to sustain high manufacturing orders. We assure you that the quality work will be maintained at each level.
  • The development and improvisation of each drug are done under the supervision of skilled personnel. The main aim of our manufacturing services is to provide you professional work.
  • We offer a wide range of approved drugs of dermatology. You can rely on us for better opportunities.
  • Our company is a popular marketing company. We also offer to manufacture of marketing tools. These include a list of promotional tools like catch covers, diaries, chemist pads etc.
  • The packaging solutions at SwisscheM Healthcare involve latest technology and technique. We use the best quality material to make cartons and pack the drugs.

Derma Products Manufacturer in India

Perks of Choosing Pharma Manufacturing for Dermatology products and Drugs

Skin is the human largest organ. People are more conscious about their skin than any other organ in their body. Dermatology products have high demand in India. The skincare products have good demand in parts of India. If you are a Pharma Marketing Company or Pharma Franchise company then pharma manufacturing for dermatology range is the best for you. Third party pharma manufacturing provides the following benefits:

  1. You get to expand your business in un-presented areas. You just need to give orders and further dispatch to nearest dealers and distributors under your contact, this helps save a lot of costs.
  2. Growth, development, and profit are the main goals of a business. You can focus on them for better focus on strategies and plans. Pharma manufacturing shifts the focus from quality creation to quality making.
  3. The plans are very simple, affordable and genuine when you work with the reputed company, SwisscheM Healthcare.

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Swisschem Healthcare Provides Customized Solution for Dermacare Product Manufacturing in India

Dermatology range at Swisschem Healthcare consists of best formulations. Our company is a proud owner of GMP and WHO verified units. All the Dermacare products are done under hygienic conditions. Best quality standards are used during the making of dermatology products. We offer a quality solution and professional 3rd party services all over India. Our Dermacare products list contains the following

  • Derma supplements i.e. tablets, capsules, softgels etc.
  • Elixirs
  • Derma powder
  • Creams and lotions
  • Ointments
  • Oils etc

Our company is engaged in providing ayurvedic dermatology products. We also provide pharma manufacturing of prescribed and over the counter derma medicines. The derma ranges are affordable and we assure you a quality experience. Feel free to ask more about our manufacturing services.

Why Choose Swisschem Healthcare for Derma Product Manufacturing

  1. The Company has own manufacturing Unit
  2. Follow the WHO & GMP Norms for Manufacturing
  3. Products are manufactured under the instruction of  Pharma Experts
  4. High-Quality Products for Derma range
  5. Quality Control Managment System
  6. Timely Delivery


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