Herbal Medicines Manufacturer & Supplier – Looking for best third party herbal medicines manufacturer in India? SwisscheM Healthcare is a reputed GMP and WHO certified herbal medicines manufacturer and supplier in India. Our company specializes in more than 300+ formulation for manufacturing. If you are searching for a trustable and genuine pharma manufacturers in India, the SwisscheM Healthcare is the best!

SwisscheM Healthcare has earned the name when it comes to quality work. We are the best herbal medicines manufacturer & suppliers in India. Our company provides genuine opportunities for third-party manufacturing herbal pharma products. These include manufacturing of pharma range like diabetic, syrups, tonics, tablets, derma range etc. We also provide bulk manufacturing of pharma dosage forms like tablets, capsules, liquid formulations. Our company assures you quality work and professionalism.

Herbal Medicines Manufacturer & Supplier

Leading Herbal Medicines Supplier & Manufacturing & Company in India | SwisscheM Healthcare

Quality work has been the essence of working with SwisscheM Healthcare! We are engaged in offer quality and genuine deals of manufacturing all over India. The units are situated in the excise duty-free zones of Baddi, Himachal. Our head office is situated in the beautiful city of India.

The herbal medicines are sourced from organic farms and trustable vendors. We have always tried to provide you with quality and pure formulation as the best outsourcing company in India. Our company provides the best services of contract and third party pharma manufacturing in India, Baddi, Himachal Pradesh etc.

  • The products that we offer are certified by authorities like Food & Drug Administration (FDA), Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) etc.
  • The research and development team is filled with experienced, skilled and qualified experts. They will help formulate and develop the formulations.
  • Our company has self-owned manufacturing units in excise duty-free zones. They are certified with GMP and WHO.
  • The raw materials, drug extracts, and natural extracts are imported from trustable sources.
  • Our company has made sure that the manufacturing units are well-ventilated and clean. The hygienic condition and standards have been diligently followed by us.
  • The packaging material and creativity is specially designed by our creative team.

What Are The Benefits Of Third Party Pharma Manufacturing?

Are you a newly opened pharma marketing company or pharma franchise company? Want to own your own range of medicines and products? Do not have enough investments? Want to expand your business? If you are going through such questions then third party pharma manufacturing is the best. They have been adopted by fresh pharma companies to pharma giants like Mankind, Ranbaxy etc.

  1. Pharma manufacturing helps you save on expenditure. It increases capital formation power of the company. A reason behind why pharma giants are adopting pharma manufacturing.
  2. You get to expand your business in un-presented areas. You are likely to cut on expenses like transportation. This makes a good strategy to expand your business thereby creating demand for an affordable investment.
  3. New and Small pharma companies can benefit from it a lot. You add credentials to your name by connecting with reputed Pharma Company in India.
  4. You can focus more on weak areas of your company. The biggest burden of manufacturing is shifted to other company. Thus you can be more focused on other goals.
  5. Pharma manufacturing avoids the hustle and bustle of accumulating resources for manufacturing certain pharma products and medicines.

Widest Range of Herbal Pharma Formulations Provided For Manufacturing At SwisscheM Healthcare

SwisscheM Healthcare covers all the aspect of healthcare and wellness in its manufacturing opportunities. We are the best third party pharma manufacturing company in India and Baddi. Our company assures you full dedication and professional services. The herbal formulations include wide arena of healthcare segments like diabetic, derma range, pediatric range etc. We are competent in providing a wide array of specialized ayurvedic and herbal pharma range. These include the following:

  • Capsule
  • Dry Syrups
  • Creams
  • Soups, face wash etc
  • Eyes drops
  • Oils
  • Ointment
  • Ointments
  • Pediatric syrup
  • Protein Powder
  • Sachet
  • Syrups
  • Tablets etc

To know about our manufacturing business opportunities, you can call us at our given number or just leave the text to our email address. We will contact you with a good response.

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