How SwisscheM Healthcare is Better Than Other Pharma Companies for PCD Pharma Franchise

How SwisscheM Healthcare is better than other pharma companies for PCD Pharma Franchise – Based in Chandigarh, SwisscheM Healthcare is a reputed Pharmaceuticals Company known for it fi9ne quality drug formulations and great marketing deals across India. We are an ISO certified company that works across 20+ states covering different cities. There are hundreds of pharma companies in Chandigarh, how SwisscheM Healthcare is better than other pharma companies for PCD pharma franchise business in India. Take a look at the following points.

How SwisscheM Healthcare is Better Than Other Pharma Companies for PCD Pharma Franchise

Most Trustable Pharma franchise Company in India – SwisscheM Healthcare

Incorporates in the year 2015, SwisscheM Healthcare is a respectable and trustable name in North India. We are a popular division of Swastik Lifesciences which is based in Mumbai. We also have sister divisions SKG Internationals and SwisscheM Dermacare. Headed under the direct guidance of Mr. Vaneet Jain, our company has touched a great height of success. We have been operating in several states through PCD franchise business. Our marketing services have been appreciated by hundreds of our associates who loved our quality medicines, professional services, and ethical working. We aim at delivering highest quality drug formulations for PCD franchise.

Quality Control Measurements Followed By Our Company

The essence of SwisscheM Healthcare is the quality control measurements that our company follows. Our company is a well-known pharma manufacturer and supplier in India. We have our own Schedule M units situated in eco-friendly, best infrastructure and hygiene conditions. Good priority is given to meeting quality standards and guidelines laid by good manufacturing practices. Some of the good standards that we follow are as follows:

  • Strict quality control testing is carried out on small batches to check the dissolution, accuracy of composition, safety, deviations, defects etc. For this, we have installed new and finer device to make testing accurate and reliable.
  • Skilled and competent staff is hired for various departments of research & development, Specification & Analytical Departments, production department etc.
  • World class infrastructure, fine graded material, and best packaging techniques have been used. We have installed the efficient machines that provide the best output.

How SwisscheM Healthcare is Better Than Other Pharma Companies for PCD Pharma Franchise

Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Of SwisscheM Healthcare

Our company has been regarded as a trustable name by 250+ associates. We have been termed different from other companies due to our good features that SwisscheM Healthcare carries. We have an increased goodwill and market value. Our stable annual turnover is an assurance that you will always get the best return and profits in near future. Some of the good features of SwisscheM Healthcare are as follows:

  1. Our company has more than 80,000 medical professionals. We have been recommended and appreciated by many doctors, physicians, and medical practitioners.
  2. We are ISO certified with GMP-WHO units which are self-owned. This is accompanied by a huge warehousing system.
  3. Different logistic partners in different areas of India. We have a wide network of transportation and shipment companies partnered with us.

Widest Collection of Pharmaceuticals Drug Medicines & Products

SwisscheM Healthcare has 300+ drugs available from various drug markets. We offer specialized and general PCD franchise across India. Those who want PCD franchise in specific drug markets like ophthalmic, ENT medicines, pediatric, dermatology, general range, diabetic medicines, ayurvedic range etc then our company is the best. We offer you a good growth platform along with other benefits. Our products lost consist of the following:

  • Capsules, Softgels & Tablets
  • Injectable (Parenteral)
  • Ointments, External Powder, Creams and Lotion
  • Oral liquids (Syrup, Oral Dry Syrups & Suspension)
  • Protein Powder
  • Oils
  • Sachets
  • Eye Drops etc.

Attractive Marketing Tools Provided By SwisscheM Healthcare to PCD Franchise

Marketing is a great aspect of a successful business. You need to have a fluent and attractive marketing strategy which PCD franchise opportunity provides to you. Our company has some of the widest collection of marketing tools items which consists of promotional literature, sample covers, products list with details, drug samples, catch covers, promotional gifts e.g. diaries, pens, keychains etc. they are made by the creative marketing team to make appealing and promote your business to the fullest.

Perks Of Being a PCD Franchise Owner of SwisscheM Healthcare

The best part about working with SwisscheM Healthcare over other companies is a wide range of amenities that will be getting as PCD franchise member. We like to meet the great expectation of our members and constantly strategize to make our offers exciting and genuine. Our company looks for good growth opportunities for all associates. Here are benefits of being our member:

  1. Quick delivery within 1 to 3 working days depending on the location.
  2. You will be offered a good profit margin.
  3. Flexible Plans for PCD franchise investment.
  4. Monopoly rights with a wide area for business operation.
  5. The frequent launch of new medicines for good growth in the market.

If you want to take PCD franchise near you then surely, contact us now to know more about our company.

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