How Much Investment is Required for Pharma franchise?

How much investment is required for Pharma franchise? – Investment is an essential part of any business and the still number of people face problems in it. 98 people out of 100 have some sort of trouble in understanding the investment in the pharma franchise business. It is important to understand that there is no business without the investment. Planning out how much investment is required for pharma franchise can help you in running our business in a smooth way. 

With the good investment of your money in different areas will support your business and help you in any sort of financial trouble in future. Since SwisscheM Healthcare got a number of queries regarding the question How much investment is required for Pharma franchise? therefore, with the help of this post, we are trying to answer all those questions.

Rights way to invest in Pharma Franchise Business

Since it not possible to tell you about the exact amount of money will be needed in the investment as it may vary from company to company and according to your preference. But we provide you the good idea of how to use the money in a right way to get good profit.

Here is how you will be able to do investment in a right way:

  • Investment ( It is a very initial investment that is required to start the business)
  • Secondary investment (It is for carrying out the manufacturing purposes)
  • Emergency Investment (Ths money is used for the unplanned investment or the unexpected investment)

You should have plenty amount of money as it will be beneficial for the smooth running of your business. You will be needing to invest in the market, doctor, molecules, premises, employees salary and other expenses like this. There will be a two kind of investment which are:

One time investment: This investment will be done only once like on drug license and TIN number.

Regular investment: This includes the salary of the employees, rent of premises, bills etc.

According to all these factors, you need to prepare your investment for the smooth running of your business in later. At the initial stage, you need to do the regular investment. Once the business is established you will get the good amount of return on your investment.

Investment on the important documents

Documents and authorization from the government to run your business is very essential. Selling drugs without the permission of the government of government’s approval is illegal and could cause you the serious sport of trouble. Here are the documents that are required for pharma franchise and how much investment will be needed is also mentioned.

Here are the documents and required investment for them that is required:

  1. One of the most important documents that are required for pharma franchise is the drug license and for that, you will be needing the investment of 5000/- it may vary from state to state.
  2. Another is goods and service tax registration, it will approximately require 4500/-

For Pharma Franchise Company it will lead to further investment for documents like:

  • Company registration, it takes 9000/- for the two partners.
  • Trade mark registration will require per product/ name will require 4500/- govt fee and fee of the advocate
  • Per year 100 for the FSSAI registration

These are few very important investment that is just from a legal perspective. You must include this in your budget for the investment.

Estimate for the investment of Pharma Franchise

One must consider the areas where drugs will be stored, it should be good cleaned and maintained in a right way. You will be needing to invest on that. For most the Pharma Franchise business, you will need to at least have 25000 as your initial investment for getting pharma franchise. while some of the companies also provide pharma franchise starting from rupees 50000, it entirely depends on the company and their possible. You can either start with the less investment if you are not very sure about the revenue that is one benefit of PCD Pharma Franchise business.


These were the rough estimate for the investment of Pharma franchise. The scope and opportunity in pCD Pharma Franchise are quite high which will help the investors with the revenue. If you choose the right pharma company you can go long way with the smooth path. SwisscheM Healthcare wishes you a very bright future in this sector.

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