Neuropsychiatric Franchise Company in West Bengal

Neuropsychiatric Franchise Company in West Bengal – Neuro products are highly in demand. Several pharma companies have been constantly working on the formulation of quality drugs that can help patients with their health conditions. Swisschem Healthcare being the most reputed Neuropsychiatric Franchise Company in West Bengal has been providing people with the best quality drug range at affordable rates.

Neuro Franchise Business

Our company has all the required certifications from ISO, DCGI, WHO and GMP and we source our raw extracts from the best vendors of the industry. The production units of the company are furnished with the latest and advanced technologies that help us in the safe and reliable production.

Our franchise business services are available in all regions of the state including Darjeeling, Bankura, Kolkata, Hooghly, Howrah, Parganas, Medinipur, Nadia, etc. If you are interested to collaborate with the leading Neuropsychiatric Franchise Company in West Bengal, you may contact us anytime at +91-9780917734, +91-8872056703 or

Best Neuro Franchise Company – Swisschem Healthcare

Swisschem Healthcare is a well known pharmaceutical company that provides great business services in the Neuro range. Our production plants are highly furnished and are located in the excise duty-free area which makes the taxes reduce to a minimum and makes the products being available at affordable rates. We welcome people from across the state to join hands with us and establish a lucrative business near their areas.

Our company offers great benefits to all the clients, some of which has been mentioned below.

  • Best quality products
  • Free promotional support
  • Monopoly rights
  • Huge profit margins
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Prompt delivery

Areas where we provide our Neuro Franchise Business

Neuro Franchise business in West Bengal is one of the best career opportunities that one could grab. Many people in the state suffer from various mental health issues like depression, sleepless nights, stress, addiction and so many more. Our company provides a quality drug range for these issues via our franchise business. We welcome people from across the state including the regions:

Parganas Purulia Darjeeling
Kalimpong Alipurduar Dinajpur
Malda Bankura Hooghly
Medinipur Bardhaman Jalpaiguri
Murshidabad Birbhum Jhargram
Nadia Cooch Behar Kolkata

WHO-GMP certified Neuro products

Mental health is a major issue and it requires the best formulations that can help the patients recover as soon as possible. For that, our company is constantly working on the production of the best quality drug range. Our products are highly safe, effective, reliable and durable and they do not even have any side effects.

Some of our best-sold formulations cover:

Brand name Composition
Valpochem 300 tab Sodium valproate 200 mg and valproic acid 87 mg extended-release tab
Valpochem 500 tab Sodium valproate 333mg and valproic acid 145 mg controlled-release tab
Divalchem-xr 250 tab Divalproex sodium extended-release ip 250mg
Divalchem-xr 500 tab Divalproex sodium extended release 500mg
L-piridechem 25 Levosulpiride 25mg
Quetichem 50 tab Quetiapine 50 tab
Quetichem 100 tab Quetiapine 100 tab
Etizochem-plus tab Etizolam 0.5mg md escitalopramoxalate 10mg
Etizochem-pr 20 tab Etizolam 0.5 mg md + propranolol 20 mg
Etizochem 0.5 tab Etizolam mouth dissolving 0.5mg
Etizochem 0.25 tab Etizolam mouth dissolving 0.25mg
Swisszine 5 tab Flunarzine dihydrochloride 5mg tab
Swisszine 10 tab Flunarzine 10 mg
Swisszine-pr tab Flunarzine 10mg propranolol 40mg tab
Anxichem-fm tab Flupentixol 0.5 melitracetam 10mg tab
Gabachem-nt tab Gabapentin 400 nortryptlin 10mg tab
Mebalmin-forte cap Mcb 1500 mcg + alpha 100mg, folic 1.5 mg, vit b1, vit b6 cap
Eyrica-nt tab Nortriptyllin 10mg pregabalin 75mg tab
Eyrica-m cap Pregabaline 75 mg-methylcobalamine 750mgcap
B-histine tab Betahistine 16 tablets ip

Promotional tools offered by Swisschem Healthcare

The clients at Swisschem Healthcare are highly at luck as we assist our clients at every step they take in the business. We provide them with constant support and free marketing tools by which they can enhance their presence in the market and increase their sales. We ensure the tools are helpful enough for our associates that they do not have to spend any more amounts on the promotion of the business.

The variety of tools that we offer them includes:

  • Diaries
  • Writing Pads
  • Small gift articles
  • Visiting cards
  • Visual Aid
  • Brochures
  • Product cards
  • Reminder cards
  • Working bags
  • Covers of catch, etc.

If you are interested in the collaboration, you may contact us on the below-mentioned details.

Contact Information

Phone Number: +91-9780917734, +91-8872056703


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