Pharma Franchise Distributor in India

Pharma Franchise Distributor in India – The pharmaceutical distributor, advertiser or the merchants are undoubtedly the spines for the pharma company and pharmaceutical industry. They have a very important role in providing the products in the market to the customers in the industry. If you are a pharma franchise distributor in India and looking forward to associating with leading pharma company, then SwisscheM Healthcare has the best deals for you. We are a leading PCD Pharma Franchise Company offering business opportunity all over the country. SwisscheM Healthcare has more than 300 associates or distributors and looking forward to engaging with more. 

The company invites all the pharma franchise distributors in India to be the part of top Pharma Company. Get a high-quality range of drugs from the ISO 9001:2008 certified pharmaceutical company. SwisscheM Healthcare delivers the best quality products and ensures to a wide range. The pharma distributors get good support from the company to establish a business. The Company’s ethical business approach and dedication to delivering the excellent products to customers and services to the associates are the reason behind our success. The company constantly searching for the skilled, hardworking and dedicated people who want nothing less than a successful name in this sector.

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Pharma Franchise Distributor in India

Vital Role of Pharma Distributors in Supply Chain

At SwisscheM Healthcare we understand that distributors have the vital role to play in the supply chain of pharmaceutical products. That is why we make sure to equip them well with the high-quality products. So that they could provide the effective and safe drugs to the people who need it. The Pharma franchise distributors fill the gap between the manufacturer and the pharma professionals. It is the responsibility of the distributors to provide demanded products from the manufacturer to the health professionals so that they further provide it to the customers.

Pharma PCD merchants or experts are of two types:

  1. Single Party PCD/Franchise Distributors
  2. Multiple Party PCD/Franchise Distributors

Each one of these types has their own important role to play in the industry and in the supply chain. While the single party PCD covers the small regions and areas, Multiple Party covers the vast areas such as states. But both are equally important for the smooth functioning of the supply chain. Pharma Franchise Distributors can do well if they get the right opportunity, quality products and good support from the pharma company. Other than this, they need to have good networking with health professionals and doctors.

What SwisscheM Healthcare Offer to its Distributors?

SwisscheM Healthcare is a reputed and trusted name in the industry. The company has made its significant presence all over the country. With the state of art manufacturing facilities high-quality range of drugs and the wide range of products, we have become the first choice for the distributors all over the country.

We have mentioned below the details about the things that we offer to the distributor or associates:

Best Distribution Rights

The distributors who associate with us get the best distribution right from our end. We make sure that our associates get equal growth opportunity. Distribution rights will contain several things and right regrade the sale of drugs in the region. Distribution rights will help distributors to do well and they will face the less competition in their area.

Marketing and Promotional Backup 

Associates will get the marketing as well as promotional backup from our end. We deliver the excellent services for the marketing of our drugs. This helps in creating the awareness about the brand and thus, pharma franchise associates get good benefits out of it. The company provides the promotional kit which includes the promotional tools. This includes visiting card, gifts of doctors, dairy etc. This not keeps our Pharma franchise distributors in competition but also helps them in making a good impression in doctors chamber.

Best Quality Assurance 

At SwisscheM Healthcare we understand the importance of the quality. Thus, it is our priority to provide the best quality pharma products to our associates. We deliver the excellent products which are manufactured under the observation of quality assurance team. The company ensures to deliver products which are manufactured by using the best raw material, technology, and equipment. We have the quality assurance team, this team always keep a good check on the quality of the products and thus, delivers the safe and effective range of drugs.

Wide Product Range

The other and most important thing that we offer best to our distributors are the range of products that we had. The company makes sure that associates get the products which are highly demanded in the industry. We have the qualified and best team of experts who are excellent in their work. This team of experts provides us with new and innovative products on the regular basis.

Here is our product portfolio:

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Syrups
  • Dry Syrups
  • Injectables
  • powder
  • Ointments
  • get capsules etc

Other Benefits/Advantages of being the part of SwisscheM Healthcare

SwisscheM Healthcare delivers the best range of drugs and ethical business opportunity to the associates. That is why we are quite popular and well known and reputed name in the pharmaceutical sector. The company ensures to provide the best support from its end to the  distributor or the franchise partners. We have created a good market and good customer base. Apart from this, with the effective range of drugs which are pure and safe, the company has won the faith of health professionals and doctors from all across the country.

Here mentioned below are some of the best things about SwisscheM Healthcare:

  • The company provide good incentives to the partners on meeting the targets
  • Get the products delivered on time
  • We provide the high-quality packaging for the products in order to provide them long shelve life
  • The company provides newsletter to the associates. This is to keep them aware of all the latest launch and development in the industry.
  • SwisscheM Healthcare provides new and innovative products.

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