Alpha-Beta Arteether 75mg Injection

Venirate Injection

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Alpha Beta Arteether injection is an anti-malarial drug.  The active ingredient is Artemether that is used to treat malaria in patients. The medication is a fast-acting blood schizonticidal agent. The injection medicines are effective in cases of severe malaria and the following cases:

  • Helps in controlling in falciparum malaria.
  • Inhibit growth at the erythrocytic stage.
  • Cerebral malaria

It is used in chloroquine-resistant malaria cases as a second line drug. The drug stops the protein synthesis. It alters the endoplasmic reticulum and ribosomal organization. It should be taken under the prescription of the doctor. Keep away from children reach.

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A-B Arteether 75 Mg

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3*2 ML

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