Artesunate 60 Injection

Venirate-AR 60 Mg Injection


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Artesunate injection medicines are used to treat severe malaria and its symptoms in patients caused by Plasmodium falciparum strains. It is an antimalarial drug and a derivative of artemisinin. The drug is a water-soluble hemisuccinate which is to be given by injection through veins or muscles. As per WHO List of Essential Medicines, Artesunate has been found safe and effective to be used by pregnant ladies, breastfeeding mothers and children above the age of 6. It sis till advised to be taken under the consultation of doctor or physician. It is well tolerated by the body but it cannot be used to prevent malaria.

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Venirate-AR 60 Mg Injection


Artesunate 60 Injection

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10 ML

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