Cefoperazone 1000mg & Sulbactum 500 Mg Injection

Trojex-SB 1.5gm

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This Injectable medicine has a combination of Cefoperazone & Sulbactam. Cefoperazone is a Sulbactam bactericidal antibiotic and Sulbactam is a β-lactamase inhibitor. The combination of the two helps in to strengthen the action of antibiotic which is weak in administration. The drug is effective in cases where you suffer a bacterial infection in the body and does not work on viral infections. People suffering from any of the following:

  • Gynecological infections
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Peritonitis
  • Septicemia
  • Surgical infections
  • Endometritis
  • Bacterial infection in the Respiratory tract, Intraabdominal, Urinary tract, Skin and soft tissue etc.

The correct dosage form is to be taken when taking this medicines which should be done by a doctor or physician who is experienced in it.

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Trojex-SB 1.5gm


Cefoperazone 1000mg & Sulbactum 500 Mg

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20 ML

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