Ostovin-D3 Caps

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OSTOVIN-D3 SANCHET CHOLECALCIFEROL 60,000 IU 20x1gm 1gm sachet 23/-


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Cholecalciferol sachets are filled with Vitamin D3.  It plays a major role as dietary supplement for better absorption of calcium and improved body functioning.   The deficiency of Vitamin D can result in rickets, low blood calcium etc. The medicine contains fine drug that is soluble when mixed with good quantity of water or liquid. Cholecalciferol plays an important part in the following cases:

  • Absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the stomach
  • Body functioning of calcium
  • It helps maintain bone strength.
  • Treat medical conditions like osteoporosis, underactive parathyroid glands etc.

It helps build immune system and boost metabolism system for fitter and healthier body. Vitamin D3 is derived mostly through sunlight and food, not produced by the body. Thus, it is an important element of your body.

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