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Ofloxacin Infusion IP- Siflocin-IV, Ofloxacin, the active ingredient in Siflocin-IV, is used to treat bacterial infections. Additionally, it treats infections of the lungs, skin, soft tissues, female genital organs, urinary tract, and digestive system (pneumonia). An antibiotic is an ofloxacin. It functions by inhibiting the activity of the DNA-gyrase enzyme found in bacteria. As a result, the bacteria are killed since their ability to divide and repair is blocked.

Uses of Ofloxacin Infusion IP

The antibiotic Ofloxacin, which is present in Ofloxacin Infusion IP, aids in the treatment and prevention of a variety of bacterial infections brought on by the majority of Gram-negative bacteria, many Gram-positive bacteria, and some anaerobes bacteria (that live without oxygen). It is antibacterial in nature and works by eradicating pathogenic bacteria by blocking the development of their vital cell walls. Additionally, it prevents bacterial cells from healing. All of it eliminates the germs. The benefit of Ofloxacin Infusion IP is that it has good penetration in the majority of deep tissues and bodily fluids. As a result, it is also appropriate for the treatment of bacterial infections in deep tissues and bones.


If you are allergic to any of the medication’s constituents, you should not take it. Rarely, a serious allergic response requiring immediate medical intervention can happen to some people. Rash, swelling of the lips, tongue, or face, shortness of breath, or breathing issues are symptoms of this. When using this medication, patients with kidney issues should use extra caution.


Ofloxacin Infusion IP When oral delivery is not an option, such as with hospitalized or comatose patients, the infusion is administered as an injection (intravenous). It is administered by a medical expert. Please don’t administer it yourself. Even if you feel better, avoid skipping any doses and complete the entire course of medication.

Ofloxacin Infusion IP Side Effects

As a side effect of this medication, some people may experience nausea, headaches, dizziness, and vomiting. Injection site effects including discomfort, edoema, or redness are also possible to see. Please see your doctor if any of these side effects last longer than usual; they are typically transient and go away on their own. The adverse effect of diarrhea is also possible, but it should go away once your treatment is through. If it doesn’t stop or if you notice blood in your feces, call your doctor.

Ofloxacin Infusion IP Manufacturer and Supplier

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