Requirements for Pharma Franchise Business

Requirements for Pharma Franchise Business – Pharmaceutical Industry in India is one of the fastest growing industry. With the increase in the demand for the pharma products both globally as well as in the country, this sector witness a tremendous growth. It has been estimated that within few years India pharmaceutical industry will become a third global market for Pharmaceuticals.

This huge growth in the pharmaceutical sector has opened the door of opportunities for pharma professionals in India. One such opportunity is Pharma Franchise Business. If you are a thing about to start your own business in the pharmaceutical sector then you must be aware of the requirements for PCD Pharma Franchise Business

Pharma Franchise is considered as best marketing strategies by the pharma company. It is the best way by which a pharma company can provide its drugs to the customers. Thus, pharma franchise business is quite popular in the country. Pharma Franchise business has good scope for growth which has attracted a number of people. Many newcomers are joining in the business but are unaware of the

Many newcomers are joining in the business but are unaware of the requirements for pharma franchise business. With the help of this post by SwisscheM Healthcare, we will tell you about the basic requirements for the PCD Pharma Franchise business in India. If you are a new in this industry then this is the best place for you to know all about Pharma Franchise Business.

Requirement for Pharma Franchise Business

Important Steps for starting Pharma Franchise Business

If you want to start a successful business in the pharmaceutical sector the first and foremost thing is to do good market research. Since the competition is quite high in this sector you will be not only competing with the big brands but also with the local competitors thus. it becomes important for you to start with a good understanding of the industry.

Here are few steps that you must take into the consideration before starting pharma franchise business:

  1. Research about the molecules and prepare the list of formulation that you want to launch in the industry.
  2. Now look for the unique brand name and the company name that do not exist in the industry.
  3. Now the next step should be searching for the area, premises, shop or office it could be your own or rental. Space should be as per the governmental norms.
  4. Appoint the experienced pharmacist as per the norms.
  5. Now prepare all the documents and another required license. The main documents are further given below.
  6. Finalize the vendors that you will be requiring for your business such as manufacturer, printer etc.
  7. At last, apply for the license

Required documents and License for Pharma Franchise Business

For starting any type of business in the pharma industry the first and the form most thing that is required is the drugs licenses and other registration. Selling or buying drugs without these documents is illegal and it can cause you trouble as well. In case you do not have your own document or license you can use the license of your stockist or your wholesaler. It is also the basic requirements, thus, apply for your own drug license soon.

Here two important documents required for pharma franchise business:

Tax Registration 

This is one important registration that is required for the pharma franchise business. This comes under the state government and requires one-time investment which may vary from state to state. For selling and purchase of good or pharma drugs, this documents is mandatory for every pharma professional.

Following things are included in the tax registration:

  • VAT (Value Added Tax)
  • CST ( Central Sales Tax)
  • TIN (Tax Identification Number)

Pharma Drug License 

Drug license is another important document that is necessary for the buying any kind of drugs. Generally, the drug license is provided by the sate government. It is one essential documents and mandatory for start your pharma franchise business. If you do not have your own you can use your Wholesaler’s or stockist’s but try to prefer your own.

You can apply for pharma drug license here:

  • Central Drug Standard Control Organization
  • State Drug Standard Control Organization


Investment required for Pharma Franchise business

Shorting out the investments for the pharma franchise business is a necessary thing. Many people are confused about the investment in the franchise business of pharmaceuticals. If you invest in a right way with proper planning then you might not face any financial. It is understood that for starting any business an investment is required, in Pharma franchise business if is very difficult to provide you the exact amount of investment required as it varies from company to company. But the best way to figure out your investment requirement is by dividing it. That is:

  • Initial Investment
  • Secondary Investment
  • Emergency

Through this way, your business will run in a smooth way. Initially, to establish your business you will be needed to invest money in establishing it once your business is established you will get a good return. Rent of the premises, electricity bill and other expenses should be kept in  Mind. You will be required to do investment on the documents. The documents require the investment of:

  • Drug Licences number will require the investment of 5000/- this may vary from state to state.
  • VAT/CST (Tax Identification Number) will require the investment of 4500/-
  • For pharma company, the registration of the company for two partners require the investment of 9000/-
  • The trademark registration for every product is 4500 and along with this, the fee of govt is required as well.
  • 100 per year is required for the registration of FSSAI.

Required Qualification and Experience for Pharma Franchise Business

For starting a Pharma Franchise business person should be at leat SSC  or graduate. The understanding of business terms will help them. You should be able to calculate the net margin, profit margin and other such financial things by your own. The experience of minimum 3 years in the pharmaceutical industry will benefit you and your business. Following people can apply for the pharma franchise business:

  1. Wholesalers and retailer
  2. Pharma Distributors
  3. Medical Representatives
  4. Pharmacist who are registered under the state pharmacy council
  5. Individual or group of individuals


Pharma franchise business is surely a revenue generating industry but only if you make the right decision. This business provides you a chance to be your own boss and do not require much investment. You will be required to make a decision that which segment in pharma marketing you would like to work because Pharma has also got various sectors such as General Medicine, OTC (Over the Counter) products, Neutraceuticals etc. We hope this post by SwisscheM Healthcare provided you all your answers. Pharma market is an open market, anyone can succeed if they have good networking and professional relationship with doctors. If you are looking for top pharma franchise company then SwisscheM Healthcare is the best option that you have.

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