Types Of Distributor And Wholesalers In Pharma Sector

Types Of Distributor And Wholesalers In Pharma Sector – The Pharma industry all over the globe work on good channels of distribution. If you are a newly opened pharma company, then you must be in need of good distributaries. The channels work as a medium to various customers and their needs. They collaborate in a way to procure maximum benefit for the company. There are different types of distributor and wholesalers in pharma sector which we will be discussing now.

The distributaries of the pharma industry mainly comprise of different types of distributors and wholesalers. Pharma companies and manufacturers produce tons of lakhs of medicines and drugs. Selling each unit is impossible. Thus, channels of distribution are appointed.

Types Of Distributor And Wholesaler In Pharma Sector

The different types of distributor and wholesaler in pharma sector are differentiated on the franchise basis and sales basis. In this post, we have shared our insights to various kinds of pharma distributors and wholesalers that you can find or appoint.

Different Types Of PCD Franchise and Pharma Franchise Distributor and Wholesaler

PCD franchise or Pharma franchise is very popular among the masses of the world. These franchises provide the business opportunity to the general public. They are profitable as a business venture for all. The difference of a PCD franchise and pharma franchise lies on its scale. Thus, these franchise distributors or wholesalers can be found in two kinds.

Single Party Pharma Franchise Wholesaler and Distributor

Single party franchise can include a small group of individuals or an individual taking up the franchise from the company. The single party franchise wholesaler/ distributors are fewer channels of distribution for further sale. The primary and secondary sales or essential & auxiliary sales are made on their own basis.

The franchise owners buy medicines and drugs in bulk from the company. They further resale to retailers or direct consumers. The company has little benefit when it comes to sales but they generate higher margin. Owning a wholesale drug license is not mandatory for them.

Multiple Party Pharma Franchise Distributor and Wholesaler

Multiple party franchises are a large group of individuals or many single parties merged as one. They are of much importance to the company. These franchise owners buy the pharma goods in bulk. They further distribute to their various channels.

The pharma companies lay more importance to them as they increase the credibility of the company. The promotion and marketing of the pharma company are easily met. The sales generation and targets are met through them. An agreement is usually the source of linking the two parties. Multiple party franchise holders give a boost of sales but generate little margin. It is mandatory to own a wholesale drug license for them.

Types Of Distributors and Wholesalers Present In The Pharma Sector

The above were the types of pharma franchise distributors and wholesalers. These wholesalers and distributors are further divided into various categories. The pharma industry offers different kinds of goods on large scale. The medium of sales is also many. Here look at the different types of distributor and wholesaler in the pharma sector.

Merchant Wholesalers/ Distributors:  The Merchants buys the pharma goods in bulk from the company. They are responsible for the physical handling and safe storing of the purchase. These wholesaler/ distributors buy in bulk but resell in small quantities to different retailers. They can be direct customers or retailers like those from industrial, commercial or institutional concerns.

Pharma C&F Agents, Brokers, and Commission Merchants: The companies appoint a representative which helps in further sales of pharma goods. They are not medical representatives but middlemen subjected to a commission made on sales. The person is a negotiator for buying and selling deals. The companies usually hire them for big deals or pharma items which are difficult to sell in an area.

Manufacturers’ Sales Branches and Offices: The companies build their own manufacturing sales offices in a bid to increase their sales. They can also add other brands for enhancement. This helps increase their turnover and save on overhead and selling expenditure. They usually sell items in bulk and are direct representatives of the company.


The pharma industry is majorly known for its franchise and PCD offerings to the general public. These franchise distributors and wholesalers help in further sale generation. The distributors and wholesaler make sales and purchase easy for the pharma companies on large scale. I hope the articles may have solved your confusion.

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